The face behind Y i Gifts

Polly Westergaard 

So here I am, I am the face behind Y i Gifts, the designer and creator of the geet lush products you’ll find on this website. So my name is Polly Westergaard and the strange thing is, I am originally a Southerner, but left the capital to become one of those pesky students studying in the lovely city known as Newcastle. But I fell in love with the Toon, not just as a good night out, but as a home.

To give you a bit of the back story I was born and bred in South East London, with my British mother and my Father from Danish descendant (hence the strange surname with too many a’s). I grew up right on the perimeter of the capital and moved up North to study 3D design at Northumbria University partly due to the great reputation of the course, and partly because the idea of living in Newcastle really appealed to me. I managed to fall in Love with a Geordie and have been in Newcastle ever since, and like to think of myself as an honorary Geordie, with 12 years living on the banks of the Tyne.

I might not be the first Dane to come to the North East and Settle here, but I didn’t come in a dragon boat with sword and shield, and I certainly came in peace and as you can probably tell I have fallen in love with the region… the place, the people, the accent and the passion that those from the North East have for their home county, which as you might have guessed has been the inspiration behind a lot of my work.

But not all of my designs are Geordie focused… if you want to discover those non Geordie related products please visit where you will find manyof my designs which hold strong influences from both my British and Scandinavian heritage. All those trips on the DFDS ferry to Denmark as a kid have definitely rubbed off on me, and I approach my design work by exploring simple, yet sometimes playful forms to create products which raise a smile and play on our nostalgia, which is something those Scandinavians are great at.

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